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About Me

As a therapist, I have come to believe that many of the behaviours and beliefs that bring us to seek help in the first place were previously coping mechanisms that are no longer helpful. Through dialogue, debate, challenge and humour, the aim of therapy is for both myself and my clients to explore more meaningful ways for them to live and make sense of their lives.

I tailor therapy to meet the needs of each client and will draw upon my core humanistic/existential psychotherapeutic model, both mine and my client’s experiences of life, reflection on the relationship that exists between us, and utilisation of cognitive behavioural interventions as a way of making sense of their situation and seeking solutions for change.  Whilst the therapeutic models I draw upon are important for my work, my deepest learning has come from self-reflection, relationships, learning from clients and my own struggles to negotiate life on life’s terms.


My core areas of specialisation are shame/esteem issues, relationship issues and compulsive disorders – such as chemical addictions, eating disorders and relational addictions (love/sex and co-dependence).

In my personal life, my roles as a dad and a husband are the most meaningful things to me and provide the opportunity for the both the deepest intimacy and the greatest challenge and opportunities for learning about myself and negotiation with others. 


As well as time with family and friends, my personal interests include photography, Christian history, Jamaican music and documentary-making.

I'm a Londoner The child of a holocaust survivor and an English father, which often left me feeling like an outsider. Never fully English or Jewish. As a therapist this iis a priviledged postion

emaphy stepping into clients worlds asking them to describe and questions they may necver have thought to ask themslves

reparenting helping clients ientify 

been working as a therapist fro over 25 years

I love what I doand have the priviledge of buidling meaning relationipdhps with clients that I care ablut. A witness to thoir journey, celebrating thoeir succesess

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